27.02.2010 J5 XV v Malahide (A)

27/02/20101:00pmLeagueMalahide7 – 13St. Marys J5 XVAway

Malahide v Marys J5’s  (13- 7)

Preparation for this game did not start well for this marys side as finding this newly build club became an issue for a number of the players. Half an hour of a warm up did not seem like enough but to the sides credit full commitment was shown by all so that by kick off they we ready to play.

Then the next problem arose no sign of appointed Leinster ref. Both side had a quick chat and agreed to use a malahide referee. This match started off at a million mile an hour, the ref was letting everything go (or else missing basic mistakes) and as a results there we 5 and 6 plus phases of play something the guys on both teams were not used to at this level. Marys started to miss simple one on one tackles and just when malahide taught they were through for a score a last ditch tackle was made by a marys player. This was typical marys never say die attitude and I thought that with this effort being made by the guys that a win was in our grasp.

Malahides pack were starting to impose themselves, and it was only after 4 phases of play and with a massive overlap on the right side of the pitch that resulted in maladies first score in the corner. They missed the conversion.

Marys huddled up and discussed where the problems in there play lay. They responded immediately following up the kick off making the tackle and gaining ground for the follow up lineout. They were playing with real purpose moving the ball left and right. Smart positional kick and crash balls from the forwards. The try was inevitable and no more than they deserved. Garry Crawford went over for the try and converted the kick. 5-7.

Second half started and the wind that marys chose to play into hoping to use it in the second half decided to disappear. Perhaps the gods had other plans for this marys team. This Marys team doesn’t believe in false gods and came out all guns blazing. Great positional kicking from Teddy Moran, and with the lineout in control we were looking great. Malahide were defending for their lives and were doing so quite effectively. They got ball and launched a missive kick to gain territory. There lineout followed and so too did a silly penalty in the middle of the pitch. They slotted it over and took the lead. 8-7.

Marys went straight back up the pitch and launched another hard up defence. Then with ten minutes to go a nasty incident, a malahide player grabbed the genitals of one Mr Crawford who took acceptation to someone other than his girlfriend feeling him and lashed out. This followed with retaliation punches from the malahide culprit. The referee in a perfect position managed to only see one punch thrown and sent Mr. Crawford to the bin for 10 mins. (He must be sponsored by Specsavers as he clearly saw what the malahide player did). Unfortunately the last ten minute were all malahide as every decision made was in there favour. Marys were missing that unbiased Leinster referee now. The malahide score was inevitable. They moved the ball left and right were give advantage play for 6 plus phases before being brought back for the original infringement. The play was brought to the right side of the pitch were the mary defence remained strong. The ref called a penalty back to the left side of the marys 22. Malahide kicked the ball over to a back that was waiting to take it quickly, which he did. Marys managed two desperation tackles but malahide managed to offload to a third man and scored in the corner.13-7 end score

This was a difficult defeat to take and one the guys didn’t deserve. I do know that there is true character and potential in this team something that we will be eager to show come cup and blitz time.

Thanks to Teddy Moran for helping us out.

15 Shane Levins14 David Millard13 Gary Crawford12 Brice Damoiseau11 Stephen Joyce10 Teddy Moran9 Andy Fitzpatrick8 Paul Travers7 James Hynes6 Mark Byrne5 Eamonn Walsh4 Mossy Davin3 David Browne2 Hugh Lyons1 Michael Mannion