20.02.2010 J5 XV v Clondalkin (A)

20/02/20103.00pmLeagueClondalkin25 – 7St. Marys J5 XVAway

Sat 20th Feb

Marys j5’s versus Clondalkin

Match against clondalkin was always going to be a tough game. Right from the kick off clondalkin wanted to run the ball figuring that Marys were weak out wide. This went against them as both wing stood up the heavy pressure. Clondalkin used the hill to their advantage and pinned Marys back with long kicks.  Then a barrage of direct running at the 10 channel and then quick ball out to their centre lead to a break in broken play and a score for clondalkin.

Marys immediately responded with great pressure and regained the kick off. They continue to keep it tight and eventually this lead to a penalty. They opted for the post but unfortunately Garreth Crawford missed the kick.  The pressure continued from marys keeping it tight before moving it left and right in broke field running.  However the clondalkin defence was an equal match for the marys attack. Clondalkin continued to strain off side leading to their 2nd penalty in kicking range. Adrian Malone stepped up but pulled it wide.

Clondalkin decided to use the high ball again to their advantage and launched a massive kick down field. This was to be a difficult first half for fullback Andrew Fitzpatrick who found himself under massive pressure and offloaded under his legs to his wing counterpart who got caught and turned over. Quick ball from clondalkin lead them to within feet of the marys line before a crash ball again in the centre of the pitch lead to their second try. The conversion dually followed.

Marys refused to give up and launched another attack on the clondalkin line. They continued to keep it in the pack with the big forwards making steady ground. Clondalkin kept their discipline and were rewarded with the sound of half time and their line in tacked.

The second half saw Marys immediately under pressure from the kick off. Failure to deal with a kick to the corner led to a lineout inside their 22 and clondalkin on the attack. Good defence in close quarters was then followed up by poor defence on the fringes. Clondalkin had their third try and the conversion followed.

Failure to deal with the long kick was marys undoing as marys found themselves under pressure again from the kick off. Marys had the ball but their failure to clear their line eventually lead to a forward pass and a scrum to the home team with just metres to the line. Clondalkin number 8 dually picked and was not dealt with appropriately and twisted his was over for clondalkins fourth.

26-0 lead seemed too big a gap to bridge. Marys again launched a full scale attacked. This time they got their tactics right. They kicked to the corners using the hill to their advantage. Marys then introduced a raft of changed including the powerful Morrisey who took a crash ball and seemed to carry the whole clondalkin team on his back much like Ginger Maglocklen against England. Marys finally breached the clondalkin line. The barrage on the clondalkin line continued for the rest of the half with great line breaks and forwards and backs play combining. However the fatal line break or pass never materialised from marys. Marys seemed to control the game for long periods of the game but never capitalised on. Clondalkin took their chances and the win. The scoreline flattered the home team and marys will have to learn to take their chance.

15 Andy Fitzpatrick14 Adrian Malone13 Gary Crawford12 Ian Smith 11 Marco Pietri10 Michael Daly9 Conor Murphy8 Anthony O’Hanlon7 James Hynes6 Mark Byrne5 Eamonn Walsh4 Shane Brooks3 Michael Mannion2 Stephen Walkin1 James Nolan