The Ballad of the AIL

The Ballad of the AIL

The Beaux of St Marys did play and did strive,

While the Belles of St Marys did fear to survive.

All morning John Carvill worked hard on the ground,

and Marie did ensure there was sparkle all round.

Marys’ heroes, the players of times present and past

Had arrived for the game and a pleasant repast.

The president, John, did welcome his guests

and hoped that the teams would deliver their best,

without injury, damage or permanent pain,

as long as the end was a big Marys’ gain.

The atmosphere grew with terraces jammed,

Munsters and Mary, each corner they crammed,

they chanted and shouted and made a great din,

and each heart beat faster as the game did begin.

The beginning was shaky with nerves all askew

Munsters they settled and their lead, it soon grew,

But cool Gavin’s play and his penalties too,

Ensured that the score had not gone askew.

And soon it was swinging from left and from right,

With Darren and Hogie on speediest flight

From Duracell quick ball went out to fab Phil,

He dummied and stepped and delivered at will,

Marcus and Grisso were now in top gear,

The nerves were receding and so was the fear.

Soon half time it sounded, the teams they went in,

and so did the punters for pints or for gin,

The sages were trembling for Marys did trail,

But most presaged changes with the wind at their tail.

The wisdom of Smythy, Pottsy, James and the Hen,

Would ensure upward action and changes happen.

The president worried and started to fret

Though, knew in his heart there was much to come yet.

The second half started all fury and fire

With pace and with passion and much to admire.

The forwards were showing their power and their pace

And also their skills and their fitness and grace,

Big Chief he scrummaged, and showed them all HOW,

While Choppo struck hard as straight through he did plough,

With tackles and throws, runs, passes and slips,

The man of the match was incredible Chips,

Gargantuan Brads soared high all the time,

Robbing ball, running hard, in fact just sublime.

Big Daymo so skilful, his last game was playing,

runs he was making and attacks he was flaying

The backrow was led by the warrior Hugh,

he captained the side and was wonderful too,

skilled and composed and solid as steel

when he tackled or ran, he was almost unreal

and his colleagues too, Rudds, Barry and Garry,

were all to the fore with turnovers and carries.

Then on came young Marko with twenty to go,

A ball it came out to him a little bit slow,

He broke a hard tackle, through another did fly

Stepped neatly inside and scored a great try.

Now saw Chris Lilly appear on the side,

a star for the future he started to glide,

Two others were ready if need it would ask,

Great Killer and Broz they were up to the task.

As the game it wore on, a great noise you could hear,

Rynner was marshalling the crowd all to cheer.

The end it approached they besieged Munsters’ line,

they went left and went right, had they cut it too fine?

Phases built up as they carried and drove,

The Munsters’ defence it still manfully strove.

Marys bored and they dived, then went slightly wide,

then back to the forwards and kept it alive.

The ball it went right and then it went left

with, lobs and with passes and transfers so deft.

They took it on hard with twos and with threes,

They took again as they buckled at knees,

But wait say not lose, just have one more big flight,

The ball it went left and then it went right,

As ever alert, D’Arce saw a slight chance,

he held it a moment then taking a glance,

saw that young Marko was coming up wide,

D’Arce slipped him the ball and over he’d glide.

Cool Gavin, he struck it so firmly and true ,

And over the bar, the ball gracefully flew.

The crowd it erupted with one mighty roar,

As spirits once down, did ethereally soar.

It was hard to believe but AIL it was won,

With everyone ready for singing and fun,

And so it would happen with a week of young hell,

from the club down to Lynch’s and then Dropping Well.

Col JB would lead them, the Kennedys two.

With history like this, wouldn’t you do it too?

The president called up the team to hand out

the medals and each wining name for to shout,

we all paid great homage to all who did play,

during the season, but not on this day,

Nasher and (Logie, who was great in each game),

they won’t be forgotten in our hall of fame.

The trophy presented by kind Gordon Black;

one thing for certain we aren’t giving it back.

D O’Brien

April 2012.