Jim Murray RIP (15th December 2020)

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Jim Murray has just died (15th December 2020). All who knew him will mourn deeply, a member, who was a deep blue St Mary’s College RFC man. This blighted year, 2020, has cruelly taken some of the club’s greatest men and now has added to its list.
Jim has not been well for a number of years now.  His devoted wife. Rose, has unwaveringly cared for him throughout his illness.  Jim never whimpered, as ever, he bravely wore his engaging smile and his floppy hat to the end, without loss of love or hope.  

In 1959, a gangly young man with a smiling face and a willing heart, joined, what was to be his club for life, straight from school at St Mary’s College. He was the epitome of a team man, never shirking and always supporting others, on and off the field. That affability he showed then, was to make him an admirable and ever active ambassador for the club he loved. He was of course a fine player and played at several levels including senior.  

Being a successful insurance man, his job took him to Galway for a number of years and while there, he played for Galwegians RFC, where he was universally popular and admired. He kept friendships with his teammates of that time, all his life and spoke fondly of Joey Costello, Danno Heaslip and Michael Casserly (A International) with whom he shared the second row. In fact that was an admirable trait in Jim, as he kept lifelong friends from many walks of life, and geographical locations. Up to his death he was a close friend of former Marys’ player, Pat Drennan who lives in Australia.

When Jim returned from Galway to Dublin, he continued to play, taking up where he left off.  When he retired he became involved in club affairs and was the first to volunteer for any job, big or small.  In time he got the biggest job the club can offer, presidency, in 1987-88.  He was an effective and exceptionally popular president.  He greatly cherished and enjoyed his time as president. It was a truly happy presidency, as all involved attest. He continued to be involved in rugby matters after his presidency, and was an active supporter up to this year. He travelled to most of the away AIL matches.  He was a knowledgeable rugby man; and most of all in his more mature years, an outstanding ambassador for his Marys.  Never, was visiting alickadoo left standing alone or without a beverage, when Jim was around.  He was thus, immensely popular throughout the rugby world and rightly so. 

It was great joy to Jim, that his son, Eamon, played for St Marys and is still an active and popular member. 

Jim’s passing has added a dark cloud over our club and pain to all who knew him. 

We have lost a quintessential St Marys’ man.

D. O’Brien

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