Marys Women

Here we go… another installment of the Amazing Women of @stmaryscollegerfc
Another dynamic duo – probably a little wilder than Kitty and Eileen (and that’s saying something) but they have left another huge legacy behind them beside their antics. Ask any kid of the 80’s and 90’s from the St Marys College Club community – these two ladies had a massive impact on many.
When you walk into the club now on a Sunday morning and see 100’s of children running around the pitches know that this all started from these two ladies. Mini’s & and youth rugby is now the largest section of membership in the club.
@tonibrennantoni and @joycefarnan – these two took on a task that no man would have been brave enough to do (at the time)! They took the mantel, developed and directed the mini rugby section of @stmaryscollegerfc . Pushing the club at the time that there was an interest and an opportunity with this new thing of “mini” rugby and moreover they were the right people to push it forward.
How did they do this I hear you say? Throughout their time they grew a small group of children into one of the largest mini rugby sections in the metropolitan area. Not just in the driving seat but on the pitch, week in, week out coaching the future senior players of the club.
Faces that now adorn the walls of the club in the Blue and white as well as green and red – many of whom started their rugby careers on the cabbage patch. They did this by ferrying wild groups of children around the county and beyond throughout Ireland and further afield. Building a fantastic community of parents, children and teenagers. They grew the minis and organically the youths started also. Before we had formal positions like Directors of mini rugby and Directors of youth rugby – we had Joyce and Toni! Club captains, first team players, Irish internationals and more all passed through their hands and I am sure I’m not the only one who has massive admiration for all they did then and since.
The legacy these two have given to the club is intangible and @fallongram as one of those kids will forever be grateful to these two legends.


Thanks again