Absent Friends by D. O’Brien

A quick skip through our club trip
& Absent Friends

In nineteen nought old Marys boys, fed up with girls and silly toys,

Had played at school and wanted more, and saw there wasn’t much in store,

So off they went and here’s the rub, they went and formed a rugby club.

A nomad club it was to roam, until it found a stable home.

Rathmines and Donnybrook they went, but slowly all their work was spent,

The dream it seemed had all but died, but no, they toiled and it revived.

Out to Kimmage Grove they sped and found a field and cattle shed.

Before each game they cleared the dung, and afterwards their anthems sung,

They played with passion and with power, and after took a freezing shower.

But soon the medals and the cups, with Marys’ spirit they built up.

Great men were also to the fore, Bolger, Gilsenan and some more,

Fagan, Branagan and Reddy, Whelan, Fanagan at ready,

Big John O’D and Vino too, Smith, Corrigan, O’Reilly Lou,

Then in the fifties lack of space, forced them to make a change, at pace,

Without a home could they survive, so off they went to College Drive?

The Holy Grail, a need there came, the Leinster Senior Cup to claim,

With Cookie, Ned and Captain Joe, the Hussey twins to have a go,

Vino, Lee, Dowling and big Nick, and Wally too, and Whitty Dick,

In fifty eight, a mission big, they won the cup and drank its swig.

Then came our ethos truly deep, ensure to finest rugby, keep

And cherish all with joy and pride, but weakest never cast aside.

Much achieved with those trophies great and leagues and cups to celebrate.

A special team, yes one sublime, they set their sights in sixty nine.

The Lion Sean, JB by his side, Moloney, Mullen, Cookie’s glide,

Hickie, Youngy, Gull to soar, and win the Leinster cup once more.

Well less than seven years from then, the club was on the move again,

Up the road where we would fulfil, remaining dreams in Templeville.

Since here we have achieved all things, open to us with greatest wins,

Every cup, each league and plate, we have brought home them all to date.

Great Stars have played and graced our fields, and helped us win and grow our yields.

They are too many to give names,

they know themselves and all their fames.

You are those stars in your own way, whatever level you did play,

For you have led with cheer and grace and made our club a better place.

As we look back we must say thanks, to those who put those building planks,

We must ensure we do not waste, their efforts and this special place.

We each must solemnly aver, we’ll mind it all with greatest care.

We’re Mary’s Boys in white and blue, to our great club we will stay true.

D O’Brien
December 2023.