J4 Metro League Final Team Preview – 08 April 2017

As we prepare for the Metro Division 6 League Final this Saturday (8th April) against Old Belvedere in Templeville Road (KO 3pm), may I introduce you to the team.

No 1. Taylor Berliant:
Taylor comes from USA, a College Discus thrower, who participated in an individual sport at the highest level. When he joined St Mary’s College RFC last season he didn’t know what position to play, so he was guided into the forwards due to his size. Then slowly he found his way into the front row. Taylor’s strength is his aggressive hits as well as his mobility around the field.

No 2. Chris Kane:
A jewel, again only came to the club last season. He had not played Rugby in School but had played American football .He soon found out the difference very quickly. Chris has played in the centre, and back row but due to his attitude and play at all costs he was asked to try out at Hooker. He did not disappoint and had been the anchor of the pack this season, with his accurate darts and ball carrying.

No 3. David Browne:
A giant of a man, not just in size but in bravery. Browner has been ever present in the front row for the J4s for the past few seasons. This season he has got fitter and carries more frequently. He has scrummaged against some serious props in his time but he still manages to hold his own. One of the first names on the teamsheet. Never missed training, if missing he is usually found in the trees marking his territory.

No 4. Shane Fanning:
Fanj is from the Fanning/Ebbs family of rugby legends. Enough said, he is very athletic for a tall man. He is one of the best and highest tacklers on the team and controls the lineout calls, trying to deceive the opposition with various moves and calls .Fanj is still developing as a second row and is still one of the youngest in the team.

No 5. Richard Fagan:
Richie is a ball of energy when he is switched on. He does the donkey work that is appreciated by the forwards. Getting his hands on the ball and clearing out rucks. He can soar in the lineout when lifted correctly and will give you 80 minutes of total aggression . An unsung hero, he will have his day, and when he scores a try there will shouts of joy from the whole squad.

No 6. David Balfour:
Balf was last year’s captain from Mullingar; he got married at the end of last season and came back to us in January a lighter and fitter man. He still has the strength to throw the opposition around, and he likes nothing more than a forward battle all day .The hulk has returned and is ready to play.

No 7. Padraig Nestor:
Nestor is from Offaly, but is not a Biffo. He is big, not ignorant, fast, ferocious Offaly man.
When Padriag puts a hit in, we know we are in with a chance. He is another top tackler on the team. He covers a lot of ground during a game. He is very athletic and catches more kick offs from restarts than anyone. Another player who leaves everything on the pitch.

No 8. Gareth Lloyd:
Gar is the Daddy of the team, but is like a good wine getting better with age. If only he had taken up rugby at a younger age, he would most definitely have played 1sts.
When Gar is on form he is the most destructive player on the park. He can accelerate from the back of a scrum at lightning speed. He prefers to run through would be tacklers than around them. He is aggressive in the tackle and more importantly can take a tackle. When Gar and Nestor are tuned in, nothing will get past.

No 9. Cristian Michelin:
Our Chilean friend, Manuel is  one of the nicest and one of the most mad  players on the team. Cristian came to us with the recommendation from Andrés. Andrés had told him that we play a good brand of rugby at a good level, and that this team is very welcoming and social. They tour, and you will get to meet many girls. He then in turn told Kurt. We may see alot of Chileans  over the next few seasons.

No 10. David Daly:
The most professional player we have. As all out halves are a bit special. Dave doesn’t hold back in telling referees what they are doing wrong. If he gets a bad decision from a ref it can ruin his game. He is our highest point scorer. His kicks out of hand have been sublime, but on occasions misses his touch, to the ire of the coaches. One in particular. Enough said. When he gets the back line purring there is no one better.

No 11. Peter Daly:
Pete brother of Dave is one of the fastest players. When he gets a ball in hand on the run, he is in his element. When he doesn’t everyone knows about it. Pete has the ability to play, coach, argue and give commentary all at the same time. Some of the highlights this season have been a ref asking him to stop arguing with his brother. Pete is a born winner and we look forward to seeing all the Daly’s lifting the Division 6 trophy.

No 12. Richard Pyne:
Pyner the grey haired son of John and general of the midfield is a majestic tackler, and can break the defence like a knife through butter. His partnership with Mick Daly has been secure all season and they have had a great defensive record. Pyner is another player who plays on the edge, and is the most yellow carded player we have. The J4s without Pyner is like a 99 without a flake.

No 13. Michael Daly Captain:
Mick from Cork has been solid all season. He has nearly scored a try every game with his electric pace and step. When the going gets tough, up stands captain fantastic to put in a huge hit or a break to take the pressure off. He has lead from the front and deserves to hold aloft the league trophy.

No 14 .James Walsh:
Walshy is from Kilkenny, and loves nothing more than having a run at the opposition, giving a few hand offs, and jinking his way to the line. He is a great defender and plays with his heart on his sleeve. Hating to lose.

No 15. Denis Daly:
Denis is the younger brother of Mick, also from Cork. Denis is a very talented player. Comfortable playing in any back position. He has pace and power, and has an engine that keeps him going relentless for 80 minutes. Denis is good at everything, passing, tackling running and kicking. He is very modest and will go red reading this. Watch this young man as he wouldn’t look out of place playing for our 1st team.