J4/J5 Junior Rugby History – February 2017

J4/J5 Junior Rugby History – 2006 to 2017

On Saturday 18th February we celebrated over ten seasons of J4/J5 rugby in St Mary’s College RFC beginning in 2006. 2006 was was were the journey began for this current crop of J4/J5. A number of guys who began that journey are still playing or still have some involvement in the teams. 

It was a long road, particularly the J5’s, until the first trophy was won. In 2009 the J4’s won the Winters Cup beating Blackrock after a dramatic finish. 

Then a remarkable season in 2010-211 when all Junior Rugby teams (J1’s, J2’s, J3’s, J4’s and J5’s) when unbeaten in their respective league’s up to Christmas. The J4’s won the league, winning 5 out of 5 in Phase 1 and 6 out of 8 in Pahase 2. Losing 1 and drawing 1. The J5’s won the league, winning 14 out 16 matches. Only losing 2. 

2012 was another great year for the J5’s. Winning the O’Connor cup final, beating Clontarf after extra time. The famous 110 minute match!!

In 2015, after so many hearbreak final defeats, the J5 won the D.P. Smyth J5 Blitz. They defended their title in 201 wining for a second year. 

On the Reunion day, it began with two big wins for the current teams in their respective league games. J4 v MU Barnhall (H) 18.02.2017 J5 XV v Clontarf (H) 18.02.2017

It was great to see many former players who joined us throughout the day and evening. A great night was had by all.

Check out the J4/J5 Reunion Day Booklet

Many thanks to DTWO, Leinster Motor Group, H&M Ironworks Ltd and Padraig Fox for sponsoring the days events.

Stayed tuned to the website over the next few weeks for more memories of the last ten years.


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