24.02.2009 J4 XV v RCC – France (H)

24/02/200912.30 p.mFSt. Marys J4 XV24 – 12French Touring XVHome

St. Mary’s College J4 V   RCC 78 (France)
24                      12

The J4’s hosted French club RCC 78 on Saturday in a friendly fixture.

The match was keenly contested with cultural differences most apparent at the breakdown! Both sides passed up any chance to kick penalties and St. Mary’s eventually won out 24-10, with the French team satisfied with their second half tries from close range, after Nick Cunningham had scored a couple for Mary’s in the first half.

Our Gallic guests presented us with a box full of French cuisine (foie gras etc) and the received a gift of a club tie and ball in return.