18.10.2008 J4 XV v Unidare (H)

18/10/20083.00pmLeagueSt. Marys J4 XV49 – 0UnidareHome

St Mary’s College J4 V Unidare J4
49                                 00
Templeville Road

The J4’s with a depleted squad of 16 due to injury had the privilege of playing their first home game of their league campaign on the main pitch at Templeville and they didn’t disappoint. The game started a little tentatively with both teams trying to get the measure of the other and it wasn’t long before it was clear to Mary’s that the Unidare defence became weak the more phases that were played. This soon led to the first score of the afternoon with Nick Cunningham going in at the corner, Mary’s then started dominating all aspects of play which led to a Byer’s special (a 5 metre scramble over the line!) but they all count no matter how ugly! After some fine running by Darragh O Neill, Paul Whyte touched down for a dubious try in the corner, and soon after Nick got his second of the day.

The 2nd half was much the same as the 1st some strong runs up the centre of the field from the forwards saw Mary’s on the front foot and quick ball at the breakdown led to more gaps and overlaps appearing and soon enough Whytser was scoring yet another dubious try in the corner, this was followed by another from Nick for his hatrick and another from Byers this time from a full 2 metres out!
Another close quarter try was then scored after some valiant defending by the visitors, from the kick off a penalty resulted which Ted kicked to the corner, from the lineout a nice backs moved followed with Wally putting in a grubber which looked to be going out over the dead ball but the speed of Cunningham chasing caught the defence off guard and Nick dived on the ball to score his 4th try of the afternoon.
As ever good performances by Chi-Yuen, the Moran Brothers, Padraig and Ross. Also from Godfrey who for someone that doesn’t want to play front row is dominating the opposition so far this season, and a special thanks to our manager Gavin Rafferty who retired a few seasons back but due to injuries has put on the boots again to help out the team (although after a boot to the head at the weekend I’m sure he’s wondering what he’s doing!). Man of the match to Nick for scoring 4 tries with a hangover.

Tim Henderson (Injured player/coach)

Team 1. Alan Godfrey 2. Gavin Rafferty 3. Jim Nolan 4. Phil Conway 5. John Twomey 6. Eamon Moran 7. Dan Byers 8. Padraig Nestor 9. Ross Wynne 10. Teddy Moran 11. Chi-Yuen Hui 12. Wally Moran 13. Darragh O’Neill 14. Nick Cunningham 15. Paul Whyte