St Mary’s College RFC Club Anthem

We are Mary’s Boys – St Mary’s Anthem

In 1953 Rev Michael Wasser CSSp, then a prefect at St Mary’s College Rathmines, wrote the now accepted anthem of the school and indeed the club. He wrote the words and put them to the tune of the German marching song “Erika” (Not a Nazi one). It soon became established as the number one in the repertoire of St Mary’s songs of the time and has remained intact since. The rugby club has also adopted it as its anthem. Michael Wasser wrote the song for the then under thirteen rugby team, which, under his coaching, won the Holy Ghost Colleges’ under thirteen cup (The Holy Ghost Cup); for the first time in many years.

Michael Wasser was of German extraction; he came from Donore Avenue, off the South Circular Road and had two sisters. He was a late vocation, entering the Holy Ghost order in his mid twenties. He loved rugby especially that of the All Black type and he played in the club, at junior level as a back row forward. He was wholehearted in everything he did. He was very good teacher and role model for young boys, but where he excelled was at storytelling. He had an endless store of ghost stories, adventures, rescue missions and many more tales of daring do. Many of his stories were made up and told as his own first hand experiences, which enthralled all who heard them. He was almost a Walter Mitty character and an extremely likeable man.

Afterwards he went to the missions, but sadly, at a relatively young age, developed a heart condition and died. His anthem lives after him and is particularly popular with the present group of St Mary’s past pupils and club players (past and present). For those who do not know it, it is printed below. All of us from the school, past and present and our rugby club should know it and its origin.

We are Mary’s boys, who wear the blue and white,

and our star gleaming bright.

Boldly now we take the field to do or die,

and our banners wave, proudly high.

Ever dauntless, ever striving, come what may,

Man, for man will do his duty here today.

Rally round your colours boys with all your might.

Give three cheers blue and white.

Below, I have added the words of another school song which seems to have been lost

Blue and white our colours proud have been,

Noble the fame that hangs upon that sheen,

Hard now we strive to bear and serve them well

So may our future and our glory swell.


Ready White and Blue, steady White and Blue

Now all together boys forward White and Blue.

D O’Brien